After I've set my goal and computed how much my hour is worth, I go to my Goalkeeper Tools (please refer to Oct.10 posts):

Whiteboard Marker and Clock:
Using a whiteboard marker, I write on the clock's glass face how much each hour is worth, as illustrated:
It has to be a whiteboard marker, since the numbers I write on the clock will most probably change daily. As much as possible, I keep the clock in front of me as I work to constantly remind me that time and money (MY MONEY!) is ticking away.

Knowing now how much each hour is worth to me, I make it a habit every night to plan tomorrow's activities, filling each hour with who to call , who to present to, and who to close.

The scoreboard keeps track how efficient I was today. This could be as simple as writing on a piece of paper or calendar, or as complicated as a bar graph or pie chart on an excel spreadsheet.

To illustrate, If I was supposed to do 10 activities today (target) as I had written in my organizer, and I was only able to do 8 of those activities (actual), then my score for today is :
Or, If I was supposed to sell $160 today (target) but sold $200 (actual), then my score for today is:

Since sales are almost always directly proportional to activities, if you're in the selling business, I suggest you keep scores on both activities and sales.

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