Extinct as a Dodo

Ever wondered why some creatures have become extinct while some have survived? Apparently, those that did survive had changed. They evolved. They had a paradigm shift.

Duh...? What's a paradigm? Ahh...? twenty cents?

Actually, a paradigm is a pattern. A way of doing things. And a paradigm shift is, well, a shift or a change in the way we do or look at things.

So, if you feel like you could use a little help with meeting your quota for the new year, and you're willing to try a new approach, may I suggest the following paradigm shifts:
  • Treat quotas as mini-goals that you need to accomplish to move ahead towards your OWN main goal ;
  • Your main goal MUST be greater than your quota. Think BIG! Aim HIGH!
  • Start the new year applying Goalkeeper Techniques and Tools, as described in this blog. What have you got to lose? You've been using that old quota system for so long with unsatisfactory results. Why not try a new approach. A change in the way of doing things. A paradigm shift.
As soon as you start treating your quota as merely mini-goals that are stepping stones towards your own higher main goal, you will be highly motivated to accomplish those mini-goals. And you will never again be intimidated by quotas because your own goal is much greater than your quota.

And speaking of intimidation, if you have a boss whose only method of motivation is intimidation, a boss who keeps bullying you to "Meet your quota or get out!" , a boss who tells you that the piece of paper you use for printing proposals is worth more than you are, if you have a boss just like that, well, tell him to grow up! His method might work with his dog or his 4-year old kid, but definitely WILL NOT WORK with educated professional adults in the office. Tell your boss he should change. Evolve. He should have a paradigm shift or he'll soon be as extinct as a dodo.


leafLet said...

Can I apply goal keeper to my present career as a stay at home? hmmm ....

junlim said...

Yes Leaflet you can. If you have a goal, you can be a goalkeeper.