Passing by a row of computer shops at the mall yesterday, I spotted this laptop with a nifty little price tag...Ph P 20,000. Roughly US $ 400. Based on the specs, I'd say its a good price. And I sure could use a new laptop as my old one's pretty much busted.

So I came up with a little challenge. I told myself I'll buy that little laptop within the next 60 days. That laptop's my Goal #1 for 2009 !

Why not go for a much higher goal? Actually I do have much higher goals for 2009. In fact, I have a major 3-year goal that I'll be starting 2009. I just would like to jumpstart 2009 confident and positive that I will get goal #1. It's like a cup of strong coffee in the morning to perk me up for the long hard struggle ahead.

And I would like to challenge you, too. Start the new year by setting a relatively easy goal that you can accomplish within 60 days. Apply GoalKeeper Techniques. After you have grown accustomed using GoalKeeper Techniques over the next 60 days, I bet you , your next higher goals will be much easier to achieve.

What have you got to lose? Try it. Take the GoalKeeper Challenge !

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