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In 2010, I started working in the Call Center industry here in Manila, mainly out of curiosity and partly just to prove to myself that even an old dog can survive and even succeed in an industry dominated by really young professionals.

It was not easy. In fact I dropped out of the first account after just 5 months. But I kept focusing on improving myself and correcting my "opportunities". Long story short, I forged ahead and eventually moved up to supervisor after 3 years, a post I held for two years until November 2015.

Well, that's all I needed to prove and at that point I had nothing else to prove as far as that episode of my life is concerned. It's time to move on to other challenges. I passed on the torch proudly to a bright young lady who had been on my team since my promotion.

Been there. Done that. Move on. Next challenge please


Spent the last couple of weeks recovering gold from old phones and computer parts. There were nasty acids and  chemicals used and I was actually scared while going through the process. The best part was when I actually saw real gold recovered from scrap. Considering there was very little scrap to process, the amount of gold recovered was not that much... less than a gram at best. However, since my goal was to verify if the videos I studied on YouTube can be done I consider the result a SUCCESS.  The process is repeatable and it all boils down to getting enough scrap to make the effort financially rewarding.


This will be short. Just would like to let the Blogger community know that after five years I am trying to start blogging again. Nice to be back.