After doing the math, I then ask myself: Are the numbers realistic and attainable?

Reality check at this stage is so important since I can determine outright whether the goal I have set is achievable. If I am confident with the numbers, then I move ahead. Otherwise, when I have doubts, then maybe I need to further evaluate my goal.

After I am comfortable with my goal, I then set up a series of mini-goals which, as I had discussed earlier, all add up towards my main goal. Among these mini-goals would be :

  • Increase client base by 300 % ;

  • Improve closing ratio to 20 % ;

  • Increase client calls and presentations by 200 % ;

  • Negotiate 5 % discount off the property price ;

  • Make 30 % down payment on the property within 1 year ;

  • Decrease expenses by 10 % ;

  • Develop additional source of income ; among others
Speaking of reality check, do I really mean I have to make a sale every hour? I can almost hear violent objections from some of you guys. Well, it sure would be nice to be able to make a sale every hour every day. But unless I own a grocery or a hardware store where the cash register rings every few minutes, it is quite unrealistic for average joes like me to close a sale every hour.

Instead, what I suggest is that we organize our day and conduct activities - meet prospects, write quotations , make presentations, book orders - that will contribute towards a very productive hour.

The point is, now that I am aware how valuable each hour is, would I throw that precious hour away?

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