Like everything else, the first step is usually the most difficult. But once you've started, it gets easier with every step.

I was quite unsure when I started this blogsite. I never thought I could do it but, hey, now I've practically finished GOALKEEPER as I have outlined this course. And yet, I feel I still have a lot more I can share with you. So, if you can bear with me some more, I'd like to continue with this blog a tad bit more.

If you have just discovered this blogsite, I invite you to start with my earliest posts and work your way forward. May I also invite you to please post your comments or to register as a goalkeeper. This way, I would be able to know you and share ideas with you.

Happy Goalkeeping!


leafLet said...

Sure. And you are right about the first step, I guess that applies to all, and Aiyana will soon going to take her first step too. Happy blogging!

junlim said...

Aiyana's first steps will be her first goal. And yes I feel in just a few weeks she'll decide to take that very first step.