At this point, please excuse me for my rather myopic view of what a goal is. Being a salesman for practically half my life, I have grown accustomed to the belief that most goals have a monetary value attached to it, and that making "X" number of sales can buy me that goal. However, I understand there are goals that no amount of money can ever buy... little kids learning to ride their bikes, husbands and wives yearning for their first child, stroke victims struggling to walk again, people who seek inner peace. Oh how I wish I could buy inner peace.

Take the case of Leslie. Her goal is to land in the Top 20 of next year's CPA Board Exams. Obviously she cannot buy her way to Top 20. But, by applying Goalkeeper techniques, she can:
  • appreciate how valuable each hour she has from today until exam day;
  • organize and maximize each hour ;
  • monitor if she is on track or lagging behind her reviews;
  • make up for any back logs she spots ;
  • set up her mini-goals (find the best review center , participate in mock exams, etc);
  • know herself, identify strengths and weaknesses, avoid past mistakes;
To Leslie and to everyone who continue to strive for their dreams, I hope this blog will be helpful. Good luck and happy goalkeeping.

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