On average, each of us have only about 40 years within which we struggle to build our wealth and achieve much of our material goals.

So it makes good sense to start the quest for our goals early. I remember those younger years when I was so full of youthful energy and enthusiasm and optimism. Those younger years when I could cover 20 sales calls everyday and still have spare energy to party at nights. Those younger years when I could do almost anything I set my mind to do
Sadly, I am not so young anymore. At 44, maybe I can still cover 20 sales calls. Maybe. But forget about partying later. Somebody please pass me that Ben-Gay.


Alain Theriault said...

That right. I'm young, 25, and I do have a lot of energy to try to make more income.

I'm always continuing to find new ways even if they fail.

junlim said...

I envy your youth Alain. At 25 I was actually working full time in a factory and still managed to do some selling on the side. Alas, at 44 I hardly have any energy left to do half of what I was able to do before. Like I said, it pays to start early. And failure is a pre-requisite to success.

leafLet said...

I think it depends on where you are when you hit a certain age like you are now and in the place where i am right now, it's no big deal, c'mon man some people i know here started their nursing career at age 50 would you believe that ... so me i still have ample of time to decide if i want to be a nurse someday, for the meantime being a mom to Aiyana is the best job i got. Btw bro, Happy Birthday!