Who am I? Sounds like the most basic question. A no-brainer. Easy to answer...or is it? 
Do you really know who you are? Have you determined your true calling? Truth is, unless you know who you are and what your unique purpose is for being where you are right now, you might very well be just a square peg in a round hole. You might just be wasting your time and effort trying to fit in a role that is not really meant for you. And you end up frustrated and miserable.
Knowing who you are, knowing your unique skills, talents, behaviour and every other factors that make you who you are, is vitally important in achieving, or not achieving, your goals. Are you reaching for a goal that is not really for you? Do you dream of becoming an NBA superstar even though you're only 5 feet tall? Of course, if you try really hard, you might just reach that goal, but then, how come the victory feels empty, as if you feel you were meant to do something else. How many superstars in the peak of their fame have overdosed due to depression? 
On the other hand, you have also heard of Karol Wojtyla. a Polish stage actor who became Pope. Or of  Albert Einstein who really wanted to be a Physics teacher, ended up a humble Patent Clerk only to realize that there were tons of research and knowledge he could study in his tiny cramped office.
To cut this short, before even planning what your goal is, KNOW YOURSELF FIRST. Assess your skills. Study the circumstances around you. Determine if you are cut out to be what you aspire to be. Perhaps you would benefit more if you instead become something else. 

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