For some wonderful reason, GOALKEEPER has landed on the top page for Google Search for "Goalkeeper Blog spot". Not that I have not been working for this, but somehow, I was a bit surprised. But happy. However, I do feel guilty about one thing: For the longest time, I am aware that a few who have come across this blog were expecting a blog about ball games like soccer or football or hockey, all of which have goals as an essential part of the game. I find readers from soccer-loving places like London, Italy, Brazil and India who took a peek and left right away. To you guys, I sincerely apologize. I love ball games myself, particularly basketball, table tennis and billiards (well, for as long as there's a ball in there somewhere I'll just call it a ball game). It is but a coincidence that the OBJECTIVE in ball games and in the game called life are both called a GOAL. But still, I do wish you'd stay for a while, browse around and pick something useful here. Ok, sport? Play ball!

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