G'day sportsfans! Since we've been talking about ballgames these past coupla posts, I though I'd post some interesting stats I got while researching keywords on These are SEARCH VOLUME PER DAY stats that tell us, more or less, how many are searching the world wide web about a particular topic per day. Since these numbers came from spyfu, they're pretty relible data. I won't have any bias on these stats mainly because my favorite "ballgame" (pingpong) did not even come close to these numbers.

And so I present to you, in no particular order, the BALLGAMES SEARCH VOLUME STATS :
  • BASEBALL          553,000 searches per day
  • FOOTBALL      1,000,000 searches per day
  • SOCCER              453,000 searches per day
  • BASKETBALL       553,000 searches per day
I must say, these numbers are exceptionally high in terms of search volume per day! I mean, if I were to put up another website or blog, these would be great keywords and themes that I should be exploring. Hmmm? Let me make a note of that.

Man, how I wish pingpong had those numbers...I could talk all day about pingpong...

Should any of you find other ballgames that rank higher than what is presented here, feel free to let me know via your comment on this post.

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