Small businesses will still PROSPER. People will still BUY.
I really wanted to start the first lines of my new project SMALL BIZ GUERRILLA TIPS on a very positive note. Truth is, it is much better to listen to your own business instincts rather than get stressed out by what you hear or read in the news. You know your business better than anybody else. If there is any one person who can help your small business survive and even prosper, that person would be YOU.
Whether you sell homes, run a flower shop, provide pet grooming service, or sell life insurance, it would be helpful to try thinking "outside the box". Think "unconventional". Think "guerrilla". Pumping out your creativity will help you climb out of your depression. Unconventional thinking gives you a fresh new perpective on an otherwise mundane daily routine. Guerrilla tactics make your small business stand out from the other "ordinary" businesses.
In this site, I will be sharing with you small business guerrilla tips that I believe will help your small business endure, survive, and even prosper through these challenging days. I will not be teaching or lecturing to you, I am not in the business of teaching. I will be sharing with you lessons I have learned and techniques I have employed in my own small business. Right off the bat I will tell you that I am NOT the best businessman in the world. In fact, right now, I actually am in the same "not so good" shape as most small businesses are. But what I am good at is in SURVIVING. What I have "accomplished" with what limited resources I have on hand, that I can be proud of.
I invite you to keep an open mind, put on your thinking hats and start thinking guerrilla... come visit my new site SMALL BIZ GUERRILLA TIPS.

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