Whenever you feel burdened by the load you're carrying, or terribly discouraged by how things are going right now, it will always be helpful to look back into every victory you have accomplished before. Great or small, remember how every victory made you feel good about yourself; how every victory boosted your self-confidence and encouraged you to forge ahead.
I have this magic box of Victories where I keep copies of the biggest purchase orders I have closed over the past 20 or so years, as well as copies of checks I received for those sales. And as for me, it's really magic whenever I open that box. I recall each of those sales, from the first probing questions I asked, to the presentations, to closing the sale, making the delivery, and most importantly, getting the check! And I keep telling myself: "Heck, if I could do it back then, I most certainly could still do it today!". Feels good. A real morale booster.
So, have you looked into your magic box of victories today? 

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