"Still got your boots on, son?... Well, you got it made!". Memorable lines by actor Gene Hackman from the movie "Behind Enemy Lines".

Well, I've been bloodied and bruised by this damned global economic crisis. Business was really bad. Three steps forward, two steps back. But hey! I still got my boots on and you can bet I'm climbing right back up AGAIN. I know I can make it. So don't you dare count me out.

Here's a couple of tips:

  • Be creative: not all business sectors have been affected. Some businesses actually thrive during these times of crisis...Food, Health Maintenance, Home Maintenance, Auto Repair... Find a business that could use your skill, service, or product. Do not waste your energy on sectors that are right now feeling the crunch.

  • For now, it may be easier and more efficient to sell volumes of smaller items rather than a few high capital investments. The market in general seem to be on an "ON HOLD" mode when it comes to major purchases. Instead, try selling items that could fall under petty cash purchases.

  • People will still buy the basics. Try and position your product or service as a basic need.

Stop whining and start climbing...


Paul Walter said...

nice content plus the drawing too is attractive, did you draw this yourself?

junlim said...

Hello Paul Walter,

Glad you liked the post. Yes Paul I drew this myself. I did line drawings first, took a picture, downloaded it and then did the colors using MS Paint. Pretty primitive but I do have pretty limited resources. But I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!