Usually, when something's not working right, I simply figure out what's causing the problem and then I fix it. Papa calls it troubleshooting. The key in troubleshooting is you have to know what's causing the problem.

Unfortunately right now, I don't have a clue what's causing my problem. Business turned out to be a disaster for me the whole month of January. All my customers have the same alibi: "Global Financial Crisis". At this point, I must admit, I am a total idiot when it comes to understanding why my business, as well as the livelihood of so many thousands, tens of thousands, has been severely affected by a mess that happened half-way across the globe. Is this what globalization is all about?

What caused this mess in the first place? Can somebody please enlighten me on this matter? If I can understand what's causing this problem, then I would know how to fix it.

I keep hearing the cliche "DOMINO EFFECT". Well, there's one way of preventing the domino effect from toppling all the bricks: You take out a couple of bricks ahead of the falling dominoes. The domino effect stops. You saved the rest from falling as well.

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