Scoreboard: How Did I Do Today?

The GoalKeeper Scoreboard essentially tells me how much of what I was supposed to do today I was actually able to do. It tells me how efficient I was today.

If I have 10 activities in my Organizer today and I was able to do 8, then I would have a score or efficiency of 80 for today. Furthermore, getting the sum of my scores the past 6 days and then dividing this sum by 6 would give me my average score for the week, and so on.

The Scoreboard is vital in goal keeping since it tells me on a daily basis whether I am ahead or lagging behind. Knowing my score right away gives me time to react immediately and make the necessary adjustments to catch up.

But what if I have just 1 activity for today and I do just that 1 activity? I would have scored 100, right? Absolutely correct! A perfect 100 sure looks pretty on my stats, but 1 out of 1 certainly won't make me MVP! Goalkeeping is a numbers game. The more activities, the higher the probabilities.


leafLet said...

I like the sound of 100 and the 1 activity per day, hay!

junlim said...

well its actually ok to do just 1 activity and score 100 but you must be willing to wait 20 years before you hit your goal