Travelling by bus from Manila to Baguio, roughly a hundred and fifty kilometers to the north, the rustic scenery outside is regularly punctuated by concrete markers telling the traveller how many kilometers have passed behind him. Marker after concrete marker, the traveller knows he is nearing his destination.
Similarly, if GOALS be our destination, those concrete markers then would be our DAILY GOALS.
Setting a goal is not just about stating what we want at some future point in time. Setting a goal, more importantly, is about knowing what to accomplish everyday from today until that future point in time. Setting a goal is more about laying down daily goals.
It can be very frustrating to have a beautiful goal shimmering out there in the distant horizon but never knowing whether we are getting any closer to that goal. Frustration dampens enthusiasm. Frustration blurs focus. Frustration spawns doubt. Frustration can kill a goal.
Daily goals defeat frustration. Daily goals mark every step we take forward towards a goal. It does not matter how distant that goal may be, for as long as we know we are getting closer with every daily goal we accomplish, we are confident that we shall soon reach our desired destination.

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