Ever been lost?
Last week, I helped a friend move to a new house. As she had to stay behind, she asked her maid to go with me since "she knows exactly where the new house is"... or so we thought.
We actually ended up lost, driving around the area in circles for about fifteen minutes. Growing impatient, I parked for a while and asked the maid, "So where is it?".
She meekly replied "It's near a big old watertank".
Looking around, I spotted a "big old watertank" about four blocks away to my left. "That watertank?", I asked, pointing her towards the watertank.
"Ah, yes! That watertank!" She said, her voice suddenly filled with confidence. "The house is right in front of that watertank. You won't miss it. I told you I know exactly where the house is!"
Goals are like "big old watertanks". Goals rise up prominently in the distance above the confusion and distraction and point you towards where you exactly want to be.
So, if you feel lost or just going around in circles aimlessly, perhaps setting a goal can put you on the right path. Visualize achieving your goal. Imagine how good it feels when you achieve your goal! Always look up towards your goal. This is your motivation to get through any obstacle and move further forward.

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