This week, quite by coincidence, I came face-to-face with a Giant - a business Giant in our small community. As I do not have permission to name him in this article, let's just call him "Mr.Big" for now.

For several years now, I had long wanted to meet Mr.Big. Several times I had tried, and failed, to set an appointment with him. With several apartments, a couple of 4-storey buildings, and a number of houses in his assets column, Mr.Big is definitely a prime prospect for my life insurance business. Sadly, I could not get a foot through his door, and after several failed attempts, I gave up.I never got to meet Mr.Big.

25 May, Monday, 7:30 AM, my neighbor Henry calls me asking if I could tag along. He was to meet some guys in Makati regarding a property he was selling. I wanted to say "No" as I need to be in Cavite that same Monday morning. But when Henry said Mr.Big was picking us up in 30 minutes, I immediately said "YES!". I dropped the phone, took a quick shower (the quickest shower I ever took!), totally skipped breakfast (What!? Me skip breakfast?), and was out of my door in 15 minutes. I must've set a speed record there somewhere.

7:58 AM, a shiny grey Toyota Prado rolled to a stop. The summer sun making the Prado shine even brighter. It was Mr.Big ! He was punctual. And he's driving.

On instinct, I pushed Henry to the backseat and I strapped myself up front right beside Mr.Big. How ironic. For so many times I tried in vain to meet Mr.Big. And today, he's driving me to Makati in his shiny Toyota Prado. Beat that !

Along the way, we talked very little. Twenty-five years of driving tells me NEVER to distract a driver doing 100 kph on the expressway. But when we reached Makati, while waiting for the other party to arrive, I started the interview. And this is his inspiring story...
(To be continued next post...)

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