Q: What's better than buying a plateful of tropical fruits?

A: Climbing up a tree and picking yourself a plateful of tropical fruits!

What's my point? Hmmm... give me a minute and I'll think of something... hmmm... Point is, whatever you goal is, be it great or small, victory always seems sweeter when won through hardship and sweat. While an easy victory is nice, a hard-won goal is so much nicer.

There! I've made my point! I'd like to keep this one really simple. Truth is, I just would like to post this picture. A plateful of aratiles and duhat fruits that I myself picked from trees in my backyard. Oddly, there's something nostalgic about summer and fruit-laden trees that seems to bring out the little boy in me...that makes a 45-year old grown man clamber up a tree and risk a 10-foot fall... just for a plateful of fruits. Makes no sense at all. But hey, them fruits were real sweet !

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