In 1900, when the Wright Brothers were proposing the possibility that man can fly, cynics and doubting thomases, trapped in their accepted reality that "man cannot fly", were all over Orville and Wilbur, telling the visionary brothers that it was not possible for man to fly and that their works were bound to fail. And fail they did several times. Between all that heckling and failing, you would think the brothers would give up their vision of powered-flight and that their flimsy contraption would never ever fly.

But, as history will reveal, Orville and Wilbur Wright never gave up. The power of their vision of flight was so strong in their mind, they were prepared to take the risk of failing. Even their choice of the soft, sandy surface of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina as their testing ground attests to their readiness to fail. If they had to crash, they knew they would crash safely. Gaining a wealth of information each time they fail, they would apply these information to improve on their design. In the face of mounting adversity and cynicism, obsessed by a passion of turning a mere possibility of human flight into a reality, they stayed the course and persevered.

Then, on that fateful morning of December 17, 1903, that possibility finally became reality! From the sandy field of Kitty Hawk, the same barren field where they have failed time and again, the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright made aviation history with their first successful powered flight. Lasting but 12 seconds and soaring just 10 feet off the ground, this first heavier-than-air powered flight flew on to forever immortalize Orville and Wilbur Wright as aviation pioneers.

The greatest tool you will ever need to succeed is right between your ears. The power of your mind to see possibilities beyond the limits of reality is both awe-inspiring and life-changing. Where many see obstacles and challenges, you see opportunities. Where others only look at the risk, you are able to weigh benefits vis-a-vis risks. When others give up and despair over their failures, the power of your mind urges you to anticipate, and in fact, plan for failures so that you can right away get up from each failure and try again. While others are confined to the reality that man cannot fly, you explore the possibility of spreading your wings and soaring high. Distance yourself from all doubts and fears. Believe you can fly and you WILL fly.

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