Last week, I read an Internet article about Daniel who had 50 different jobs over the past 50 weeks, travelling from one U.S. city to another. Although a bit extreme, this guy Daniel showed us one way (or is it 50 ways?) of standing defiantly and fighting back against this economic crisis.

If you're feeling the economic crunch, welcome to the club! Perhaps now would be a good time to dig deep into your bag of tricks and find yourself a SKILL, or a HOBBY, or an IDEA that you can monetize to generate extra income or an entirely new career for you.

It won't hurt to take off that business suit for a while and put on coveralls. This Blogger actually took on a job repairing and re-modelling a neighbor's house these past three weeks, making a few extra bucks in the process. And it was fun, too!

When you've got a goal to catch, you got to do what you got to do. Next week, maybe I'll try fixing my neighbor's car. Or maybe someone might notice my drawings and AHEMMM! hire me as a graphic artist. Maybe. Who knows...?


leafLet said...

you can be anything, anything you want to be, you can be anything at all ... (got those words from Aiyana's favorite TV station)

leafLet said...

how can i link your post, you should have that.