The human mind is such a beautiful, powerful creation. Borrowing from a popular vitamin ad: "What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve."

The Pygmalion Effect tells of Prince Pygmalion who sculpted an ivory statue of the ideal woman. So beautiful was his creation that he immediately fell in love with his statue and named her Galatea. So dear was Pygmalion's love for Galatea that he desired so much that the statue was alive. The gods favored Pygmalion and breathed life into Galatea, thus fulfilling Pygmalion's desire.

The Pygmalion Effect states "the expectations you direct towards a person, an event, or yourself will eventually come true."

I remember Pat Watkins taking me to a car showroom telling me to smell the fine leather and to climb into the driver's seat and feel how great it would be to drive that car.

Or Miss Naty, my manager when I was with the insurance business. Once, she told our group she's going on a cruise. She doesn't know when or how. But she knows she's going on a cruise. Three months later, she's on a cruise!

Amazing, indeed, how the mind can motivate us to perform seemingly impossible feats. Having said that, wouldn't it now be a good idea to invest time and effort in harnessing and optimizing our mind's vast powers? Search the internet for self-help programs and e-books on the subject of mind power and similar topics. Nothing to lose. So much to gain.

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