I love a good boxing match, particularly those million-dollar title fights.

Question: In every fight, what is a boxer's ultimate goal? To knock out his opponent, of course. But rarely do boxers score a one-punch knock-out. Instead, they use each round to land punches with the aim of softening up the opponent before finally landing that knock-out punch, K-POW!

Similarly, in setting a goal, it is not enough that I focus my attention on just one main goal. Instead, there should be a series of mini-goals which, when accomplished, eventually add up towards my main goal.

Furthermore, and this is very important, I have to consider the fact that I have other matters I need to take care of - utility bills, household budget, healthcare expenses, taxes, and other expenses - that I cannot afford to neglect as I strive for my goal. These "other matters" need to be integrated as part of my goal, otherwise I most probably will fall short of my target.

And as one boxer tries to punch his opponent into submission, remember the other boxer is also punching back. Similarly, as I fight my way towards my goal, there will always be challenges and surprises along the way that can bog me down or even defeat me. There is no such thing as an easy victory.


Alain Theriault said...

That's right, I prefer having multiple smaller goals or I steps instead of 1 big goal.

When you have smaller goals, kinda in steps, it's more motivating to achieve those goals one at a time.

junlim said...

and motivation is key to success. having little victories along the way can really energize you to keep moving forward