PAIN seems our entire existence is etched with pain. We come into this world through birth pains, and with one last painful breath, we depart.
And between our coming and departing, we all have to endure so much pain... the pain of falling down as we took our first few baby steps, the pain of being bullied and ridiculed by our playmates, the pain of failing an exam, the pain of being turned down by your first crush, the pain of mediocrity in college and at work, the pain of losing someone dear, the pain of losing all you've worked so hard for, the pain of defeat...the list goes on...the pain seems endless.
Pain is a part of life we all have to live with. Some cultures even intentionally inflict pain as a rite of passage. Pain actually makes us stronger and wiser. We learn to cope with pain. And we learn to avoid making the same painful mistakes.
A Goalkeeper is not immuned from pain. and the world will probably forgive him if he pauses for a while and bear his pain in silence. But the Goalkeeper is ever aware that he is on a mission, and that he cannot wallow in despair for long. Grieve for now. Weep if he must. But tomorrow he has work to do.