Life is what we make it. It took me a while to realize this truth. After going around in circles these past oh so many years trying to figure out where I truly fit in, I'm still not entirely certain that I am where I should be. Even now, there seems to be an emptiness inside me that I have not yet fully understood. Problem is, I still cannot determine what would fill up this void in me. Don't get me wrong. I'm quite happy where I am right now. But there is this nagging question that's been tormenting me for quite a while now: "Am I where I am supposed to be?" All I know is, early in my life, circumstances forced me to make choices that led me to live the life I live today.

As I was thinking along this line, I came up with this simple diagram that attempts to illustrate how the choices we make determine the life we live. Starting off at the same timeline, these three lines illustrate the following:

The RED line represents those who know exactly what life they want to live and stayed true and straight on the path towards that life. They have made their choice long before and have stuck to that choice. People on this RED line generally achieve success and the life they desire much earlier than others and with the least complications;

The BLUE line represents those who were already on one path but realized early that they would be much happier being on a different path. People on the BLUE line would include those who had to make changes in their career choices after they determine early enough that the life they want to live lies on a different path. People on the BLUE line lead fairly successful lives, but what matters to them most is that they are happy with their choices;

The GREEN line represents those who don't have a clue what they want in life or those who know what they want but were forced by circumstances beyond their control to deviate from the path they have chosen, blown off course and are left clueless where their path would lead them. People on this GREEN line would go about life drifting from one career to another, but rarely gaining mastery of any specific trade or skill. These are your jacks-of-all-trades-but-masters-of-none. Mediocrity seems to be a persistent companion. But never count these GREEN guys out just yet for these people, who have drank the bitter ale of life, are very much capable and determined to succeed as soon as they get their bearings straight.

The choices we make determine the life we live. Having a clear goal early in life helps you determine the choices you will make later. A square peg in a round hole will never succeed. Find a path that truly fits you and make your choices go along this path.

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